A downloadable game for Windows

Created with Unity 4.7.2. Personal Edition.

"SNAILS" is a retro-themed 3-D brawler, generated within a primitive aesthetic  which is designed to emulate the characteristics of late-90's era PS1 games.  Such distinctive features reminiscent of this era include:

  • meshes with low-polygon counts
  • 320x240 resolution
  • pixelated and unfiltered textures
  • lack of Z-buffering
  • short draw distances
  • crude pre-rendered cinematic cutscenes replete with unrefined primitives and other low-production characteristics
  • tank controls

Heavily inspired by "Nightmare Creatures", "Fighting Force", and other action-oriented titles of the PSX-era, "SNAILS" is fairly close to completion, set to release under the "Tadpole Interactive" label, hopefully within the next month.

The demo version of this title offers 2 of the game's subsequent total of 7 levels, with various limitations including the absence of save/load features and the unavailability of gamepad/controller support.

The so-called "Story":

Alas, poor Dora Ditze.  

Bed-ridden with the flu, this innocuous 7-year old had barely recovered into the afternoon phase of the following day, only to find her neighborhood overrun by  a menacing horde of giant mutant snails from outer space.

Having feasted on the majority of the town's inhabitants during the course of the morning, these malevolent slugs have since narrowed their attention on the few remaining appetizers (aka "survivors") in their vicinity.  Dora will certainly make for an unsubstantial, but satisfying, meal.

Alone and overcome with desperation, she can find no alternative at her disposal other than to seek refuge at the local elementary school, whilst hopefully foregoing the monsters' pleasure of a late-afternoon snack.  


The objectives in "SNAILS" is fairly straight-forward;  simply fight your way to the finishing point of each level, whilst accumulating as many kills as you can.

Meanwhile, make use of your inventory system, either by acquiring cookies, which can be used to replenish health, or keys with which you can unlock doors.


Arrow Keysmovement
rear attack
C + Arrow Keysdodge
SPACE BARinteract / take
Bcycle inventory items
Nuse inventory item

To buy the full version, consult the following link:


Various Survival Tips:

  • Holding down the "attack" key is the quickest and most efficient way of piling on damage.
  • Employ "rear attack" frequently when surrounded by enemies.
  • The "straddle-kick" maneuver (which can be triggered by pressing "left", "right" and "Z", simultaneously) is an effective means of dispersing enemies converging from the sides.
  • When confronted by Spitting Snails, try using other enemies in your vicinity as cover, if possible.
  • Don't forget to dodge.  If you find yourself getting clobbered, try diving away from the melee, then re-engage from a more advantageous position.

Additional notes:

To skip cutscenes, simply hold down the "ESC" for a second or two.


SNAILS_Demo_Installer.exe 226 MB

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This game took me back from the cutscene to the gameplay realy got the old ps1 90s game vibes very well done I have purchased the game and can't wait to play more

Thanks:)  'Glad you enjoyed it.  And that was a really great video you did there!


You really need to add a skip button for the opening scene of the game. I know you were trying to emulate the PS1 look and stuff, but I don't have time to waste watching the same cutscene again when I go to play the game again.

There is a skip button available.  Simply hold down the "ESC" key for a couple seconds and its done.

Thank you for telling me. I appreciate it.

No problem:)


You really nailed the feeling of that era and I can tell a lot of work went into this. Adored the cutscenes but had a really hard time with the gameplay. Didn't get very far, but still found it cool to check out!

Thanks :)   

I've recently analyzed a deficiency in the combat mechanic, in that the player-character's full chain of attacks currently only seems to occur properly when the attack button ('Z') is held down, but it apparently did not respond effectively when the button was repeatedly pressed.

I've since ironed out this problem, and these changes will be reflected in the full version of the game.   In the meantime, I'll try to update the demo version, as well.

I gave up after a few minutes of the cut scene the game tries to hard to be a ps1 kind of game. it was the last game I played 


You got the ps1 era of controls down pat. Nice one. The game story itself is interesting at least. Overall, your efforts shows here. Just add in an audio setting please and I'd call it great.

OK. Thanks:)


Sure was a lot of fun and the combat feels really good. Kicking a snails face in never felt so good! I had a little trouble trying to pick up cookies. But you nailed the brief of making a PS1 style game. A lot of work went into this; well done!

Wow!  Thanks a lot!:)  I really enjoyed your game as well; a  perfect homage to the late Romero! Especially that spooky ending!