A downloadable beat'em up for Windows

Originally created for the Desert Jam, this proof-of-concept demo is., in its current state, a horribly unfinished, error-ridden, barebones conception of a more ambitious product, with several planned features currently omitted (including evasion mechanics and the ability to institute ranged magical  attacks).    

Thus, what I'm stuck with, for the moment is simply a tedious slugfest, culminating in a single level  with player attacks limited to preconceived melee routines, and only a single enemy type (giant cobra).

I apologize for the current lack of refinement and quality, as I'm planning further developments with which to establish more varied combat mechanics (including Mana-based attacks), greater variations in terms of enemy types and behaviors, multiple levels covering different settings, and an interwoven story which lends context to the surrounding game world and its central protagonist (Naema al-Qadir).


Simply fight your way to the end of the level, disposing of as many enemies as you can along the way.


  • WASD Keys               -       Movement
  • MOUSE                        -       Look
  • MOUSE Button 1   -       Melee Attack 1 
  • MOUSE Button 2  -        Melee Attack 2
  • ESC                               -         Quit

Install instructions

Extract zip file to desired directory, than proceed to run by double-clicking on the executable file.


Naema's Way.zip 25 MB

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