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Created for the GameGirl Jam, this is the biproduct of a brief, lackluster effort on my behalf,  culminating in a barebones side-scrolling brawler with simplistic controls and, thus far, only a single level.  Needless to say, considerable refinement to the overall style and structure of the existing material will be a prerequisite to any potential further development on the project.

This game was programmed in C++ with SDL 1.2.

The "Story"

In effort to compensate for an excessive number of school closings during the winter season, the staff at Greenwoods Middle School mutually declared that even the unexpected Alien invasion which commenced on Monday morning was no excuse to let the kids stay home from school.

13 year-old Antje Mauser wouldn't have it any other way, as she had been clamoring for in-class work in preparation for the upcoming science fair, for which her own  project consisted of a study theorizing the physical resilience of exobiological organisms due to atmospheric pressure.   Naturally, the surrounding circumstances presented a golden opportunity for some much needed hands-on experimentation.

After pestering her science teacher for more than 30 minutes for "Extra Credit" on the subject, the latter finally relented.

"Okay, fine."   said her teacher, "Just don't blame me if you get hurt."

And so it went....


Simply fight your way from left to right through various waves of alien grunts  en route to the boss encounter at the end.

Note:  Ducking is the best way to avoid  horizontal laser fire.


  • left/right arrows   -   move left/ right
  • down arrow         -    crouch
  • Z                    -    attack

Install instructions

Download and run the windows installer, and follow the instructions throughout the installation process.

Proceed to run "Grey Skies" via the newly acquired icons on either the desktop of Start menu.


GreySkies.msi 58 MB


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Hey, nice playthrough!  Thanks for uploading:)

Made a video


Hey, thanks for making a video:) You guys did a great job.:)

Fun game, good job!


Thanks:)  I really liked your game, as well!:)