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Based on my favorite M*A*S*H, episode, "5 O'clock Charlie" follows the annals of a North Korean military aviator, piloting a surplus and undermaintained PT-22 trainer in a one-man endeavor to obliterate the 4077's new ammunition dump with hand-dropped explosives. 

Per his ascribed nick-name, "5 o'clock Charlie" regularly mounts daily raids at precisely 5:00 PM, and has generally established a reputation, not only for being punctual, but for being unable to hit the broad side of a barn door. 

As a result, the personnel of the 4077th are not intimidated, and regularly attend his daily raids with joy and excitement, holding regular betting pools as to the amount of yardage by which Charlie will miss his target during the course of each "raid".

How to Play

You're first objective is to arrive within the ascribed "mission zone" between 1659:30 and 1700:15 hours, after which you will be tasked with destroying the ammo dump with but the single bomb at your disposal.

Remember that the aircraft sputters and tends to shift about wildly, so maintaining control might be a little bit tricky


pitch/rollWASD or ARROW KEYS
drop bombSPACE BAR
overhead(bomber) viewHold F1
exit to main menuESCAPE


5 O'Clock Charlie Sim.zip 35 MB

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