A downloadable game for Windows

Having missed the bus, Marta Ziegler would attempt to double-time her journey to Peterson High School on foot, only to find her path obstructed by a rambling horde of opposing demonstrators, representing the respective fanatical support-base of America's two most deplorable presidential candidates: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

With no time at her disposal with which to undertake detours, Marta has little option but to clear her way in the most efficient manner at her disposal, and in the only language that the raving lunatics in her vicinity can possibly understand.

ATAHFMD is a basic 2-D, side-scrolling beat'em up with a simple interface, whereby one is required to purge designated areas of their inhabitants by eliminating all demonstrators within each vicinity before progression can be permitted.

The ultimate goal simply involves getting to school on time, lest Marta otherwise be slapped with detention and a lackluster attendance record.


arrow keys - movement

z - attack

Install instructions

Simply download and then run the .msi file (Windows Installer may be required).

Upon completion of installation, the game can be accessed from the start menu, or (unless deselected during the installation process) the desktop.


HillandTrumpFans.msi 36 MB